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6 Jan

Women Writing Woes

Today I was reading Flavorwire’s interesting post on Jennifer Weiner and her difficult position in the debate about women writers.

15 Oct

Dinner, A Twitter Story

Dinner, As Told On Twitter Tweet #1: She sometimes ate her dinner standing up, in front of her living room

12 Oct

Breaking Prose

In my last post I talked about how I wrote All Married Together and “miranda” at the same time, almost

8 Sep

Kittens and the Hands of God

“What’s her name?” Penny asked him. She was mesmerized by the cat, unable to take her eyes away. “I don’t

25 Aug

Why I Too Hate Skyler White

There’s so much to say about Breaking Bad which has some of the best writing I’ve ever seen on TV (Friday

30 Dec

Tale of Genji: The Broom Tree

This is the chapter (Spoiler Alert) where the guys hang out telling tales of the women they’ve slept with. Genji

19 Mar

The Life of Words

This is strictly for word nerds. And maybe science nerds. The Wall Street Journal wrote about an interesting scientific paper

7 Nov

Font For Dyslexics

Wouldn’t it be great if the right font made all our problems disappear? That hasn’t happened yet, but the Dutch

16 Oct

Favorite British Words And Phrases

On Twitter, @ChrisGNguyen and I were talking about doing a post on favorite British words and phrases. I lived in

15 Oct

The Art Of Translating

Conversational Reading has a fantastic interview with Ottilie Mulzet on translating László Krasznahorkai’s Animalinside. Translating is always tricky, more art

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