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31 Oct


A little something for Halloween! Picking a Halloween costume was an art. Early on, Megan and Penny had talked about

23 Oct

To Live It Again

Here, I share another excerpt from Anchored Leaves. In this parcel, Dulcey relives her past through her young, beloved protege.

15 Oct

Dinner, A Twitter Story

Dinner, As Told On Twitter Tweet #1: She sometimes ate her dinner standing up, in front of her living room

12 Oct

Breaking Prose

In my last post I talked about how I wrote All Married Together and “miranda” at the same time, almost

4 Oct

All Married Together

I’m happy to announce that my novella All Married Together is finally available! I like to say that everything I

17 Sep

Read More Books From Asia

This morning I read Flavorwire’s “50 Works of Fiction in Translation That Every English Speaker Should Read”. I read a

8 Sep

Kittens and the Hands of God

“What’s her name?” Penny asked him. She was mesmerized by the cat, unable to take her eyes away. “I don’t

25 Aug

Why I Too Hate Skyler White

There’s so much to say about Breaking Bad which has some of the best writing I’ve ever seen on TV (Friday

14 Aug

Cats, Windows & Dream Houses

  Desperate for your house of dreams? Here’s an excerpt from my novel Anchored Leaves.   “Look, Megan, look,” Penny

18 May

Buy Her A Diamond. Not?

Getting engaged? Wondering about how big the diamond should be? Pear-shaped or emerald-cut? Gold setting or platinum? Stop. And ask

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