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31 Dec

Thoughts On the Eve of a New Year

I was playing Mozart’s sonata in F major when I found myself at the third movement, which is a movement

12 Oct

Breaking Prose

In my last post I talked about how I wrote All Married Together and “miranda” at the same time, almost

31 Jul


It seems as if the world only notices you if you write about anger, abuse, sexual deviance, violence. I don’t

14 Sep

The Tale of Blue Beard

After many months, I was finally able to find the time to read The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault and

21 Apr

Julien Breton, Art Spectacular

Julien Breton, light calligrapher. Light as in photons. This guy actually does calligraphy in the air and captures it. How

24 Jan

Riusuke Fukahori’s Goldfish

Pretty amazing. (via Tokyomango)

16 Jan

Kevin Dart’s Mr Persol

Kevin Dart does the most amazing animation. Please animate my graphic novel, Kevin: via Boing Boing A Year of

28 Sep

The Monkey King over Tiananmen Squre

This video is of Jennifer Wen Ma’s “The New Adventures of Havoc in Heaven over Tiananmen Square”. She and her

25 Sep

Xu Bing’s Calligraphy

I love it when there’s this thing that’s so old, so ancient, we hardly think about it at all even

16 Jun

Can Playing The Piano Warp Your Mind?

That’s one of the many things I ponder at Books, Personally! In a fun Q&A, my host and I discuss

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