So Easy To Love

27 Jan 2012 by J.A. Pak, 1 comment »

Some of you might remember my novella So Easy To Love when it was a blog novella. I’d posted each section as a blog entry — I’d thought it’d be a  fun way to read the novella. Well, according to reader feedback, it wasn’t so fun. In fact, the blog was a pain in the ass to read. So I pulled the blog and decided to make it available as a book. Voila! After months of editing and formatting, it’s now available at Amazon and Smashwords.

So Easy To Love began as a diversion. It was summer and I thought it’d be fun to write a typical summer romance. But in writing it, I began to discover that it’s fairly impossible to shake off who I am. Fun and breezy became lost in thoughtful and contemplative. That is, the fun romance novel became a reflection on love and films, the fun turning into heartfelt sadness. Thus, the reason why I dedicated the novella to all those with a broken heart. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh! Since So Easy To Love is a romance, the ebook version at Smashwords is free until the end of February! Happy Valentine’s!

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  1. how marvelous – love the cover & look forward to reading it!

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